My Wellness Plan

Here is my goal list/action plan.


Big goals
  • Small steps

Health (physical and mental)

  1. I get restful sleep, and I wake up at 6 AM everyday.
    1. End day at 9 PM, sleep by 10 PM, wake up at 6 AM (regardless of how much sleep I got)
    2. Use the bed only for sleep and sex
  2. I eat plenty of fruits and vegetables throughout the day, while limiting sugary and oily foods.
    1. Make meal plan every Saturday, and stick to that every day (incorporate one fruit into daily diet)
  1. I am physically fit and active
    1. Do yoga every morning
  2. I drink enough water every day
    1. Enable “water reminder” application every morning
  3. I become an active blogger
    1. Make a post every evening at 8:30 PM, depending on prior set goals
  4. I become a functioning, productive, and vibrant individual; I recover from depression.
    1. Go to therapy every week
    2. On therapy days, after therapy, take two hours to reflect on the session and do homework, if any
  5. I have good friends I can talk with when I need someone to talk with (it’s a numbers game)
    1. I proactively engage in conversation with everyone in my classes at least one time, regardless of how I think of them (track in Excel sheet)
    2. Reach out to one person in my certified support group, every day

Studies and meaningful activities

  1. I learn how to knit a dishcloth.
    1. In evenings/after all classes or responsibilities or events, knit for 20 minutes in the knitting sanctuary
  2. I “master” all the guitar songs in this list.
    1. In evenings/after all classes or responsibilities or events, practice the guitar for 20 minutes (chromatic exercise + chord practice + actual music practice)
  3. I get HD1 for both my subjects in Foundation.
    1. In evenings/after all classes or responsibilities or events, study/ work on assignments for one hour
  4. I learn Malay
    1. In evenings/after all classes or responsibilities or events, practice Malay flashcards for 5 – 15 minutes
  5. I draw good caligraphy
    1. In evenings/after all classes or responsibilities or events, practice caligraphy strokes for 15 minutes

I notice a few things from the last time I’ve set up my goals…

  • I underestimate the challenge of maintaining some of the habits for more than a week, and I tend to put the blame on my illness and not on the fact that it takes a lot of disciplined effort to build and maintain habits.
  • I tend to think that if I get the “right” system, that that system alone can carry me on my way to health and happiness. Currently, I use a bullet journal, Habitica and this blog as a way of organising my tasks, my appointments, and keeping myself accountable. There is nothing wrong with these systems, but, I think that I’m missing one key element. Stephen Covey said in his book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” that in order to build solid habits, one needs to to have the knowledge (on what to do, why to do)skills (how to do), and desire (want to do). I am doing very well on the first two, but I am lacking in the third aspect. I do not have as much desire as I have the knowledge and skills to work on my habits. Therefore, I will recite the following passage every morning: “I want to, and I will, live a life full of love, happiness, health, and wealth by working on my goals with skill and discipline, while refining these goals along the way.” I’ve made a small note, which I will put next to me as I sleep.
  • I find it hard to remind myself of my goals, so, I will print this page out, and refer to it every morning.
  • I will make a weekly schedule, which I will also refer to on a daily basis, which I will write in my bullet journal.

So this is how it’ll work:

I will make a post every evening in my timezone, and it will always be a update post referring to the post I made yesterday so that I’ll stay on track.

Thank you for reading.

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