008 | Swallow

I was never a big fan of pills. When I was nine, I would always make sure there was water in my mouth before I dropped the pill in because I really didn’t like the bitterness. I think my aversion just made the experience that much more painful. Nowadays, I take my pills like a pro. I put the pill on my tongue first and then I drink some water. The bitterness is still there, but it isn’t as bad. I thought taking it would be a terrible experience, but when I faced the ordeal honestly, it just became another event of another day of my life.

As we grow, we eventually learn to accept the bitterness. Not just of medicine, but of the general life in general. While we were in school, homework used to be a chore. When we go out and get a job, homework is seen as a luxury compared to the people you interact with on a daily basis. At least, that’s what most of the adults tell me.

We recognise that in order to get what we want, that we sometimes have to do things that we may not necessarily want to do, to ‘swallow the medicine’. If we want to get a scholarship, we are required to study smart, but sometimes that is not enough, and we need to sacrifice time that could’ve been spent with friends or playing on the computer. But in the end, it will be worth it. When we’re at our deathbeds, we don’t look back and regret about how we didn’t play enough video games or browsed enough on an internet forum. In fact, you can use this moment as a reference point. What were your most memorable events in the past three months? You can think about your answer by yourself.

Right now, the ‘medicine’ that I have to swallow is to nudge myself to do things that require more-than-average willpower, that being learning Bahasa Malaysia by reviewing my flashcards and studying my textbook. Sometimes the words are easy to memorise, and sometimes, they are not. I hesitate because of how much effort is needed. But, if I don’t work on it now, I will be at a significant disadvantage in the future, and will live with unneeded and painful suffering.



Hey guys. So, I ran out of ideas of what to write about, hence I am taking part in the Daily Prompts challenge by WordPress. I am so far doing a good job with being consistent in my posting schedule. As stated in my very first post, I declared that I will be making a blog post every day. I’m still a newbie, but hopefully with time and effort, I will be able to make a living out of this!

Thank you for reading. Take care.


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